Leaf Peeping – the best time to visit Ohio

Hard as it is to believe, summer is almost gone. School has started, the weather is cooling off and it will soon be time for the leaves to change. For those of you “Leaf Peepers” who enjoy the fall colors, you don’t need to drive to West Virginia to the fall landscape in all its glory. Ohio has its own share of scenic view and foliage.

Waynesville, Walnut Creek and Sugarcreek are all filled with dense woods featuring gorgeous colors. Maple trees, which are very common in our forests, are the flashiest and range from brilliant yellows to intense reds and oranges. Oaks are generally a rusty red color and hold their leaves far beyond most trees. Tulip or poplar trees are also known for their bright yellow fall foliage.

In northeast Ohio, the general rule is that the leaf colors will peak the second week in October. Waynesville, being further south, peaks slightly later. The most brilliant colors come when late summer is dry and sunny and evenings are cool (in the 40 degree range.) So far, 2009 is setting up to be a great year for viewing leaves here.

If you are a photographer, you’ll also find lots of opportunities for great shots during September and October. Along with the brilliant trees, you’ll find Amish buggies traveling shaded back roads, Amish farmers harvesting their fields, brilliant flower beds full of mums, pumpkins decorating porches, and produce markets full of colorful vegetables and fruits.

To be sure, autumn is the high season in our locations with various festivals, apple butter stirrings, and or course, “leaf peepers.” If you can, try to get away during the week to avoid crowds and traffic. Believe it or not, you may still find a hotel room open during the week and on Sundays. Try out Carlisle Inn Walnut Creek or Carlisle Inn Sugarcreek to inquire about a room during the autumn leaf season.

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