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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Would you post some information on quilts, such as the different patterns and some information or history on the pattern? Where would be a good place to purchase a handmade Amish quilt?

    I was reading some old posts and ran across the one from the lady who was frustrated that there was no pay-per view. It reminded me of last December when I came to Berlin with 4 friends on a Sunday afternoon, and we intended to stay overnight for a special event on Monday. Living close to Amish country we knew that most businesses would be closed on Sunday. All 5 of us (unfortunately) have very fast paced lives and we started getting a little antsy, we had to chastise ourselves that we were in one of the most slow paced, peaceful settings and we needed to slow down and enjoy it. We ended up in the common room at the facility…and since no one else was around we played board games and had brought plenty of snacks to fill the counter tops. We had a wonderful time.

    It is very easy to see why the Amish and Conservative Mennonites may hesitate having us “English” in their space. I have the most respect for “why” they chose to live their lives separate from the world.

    • I’ll admit that I’d need to do a little more research on the history of quilt patterns. I’ll see what I can come up with.

      As far as a slower pace, life moves a lot slower from the seat of a bike or 15 mile per hour buggy. You notice that the lilies are now blooming down by the Troyer’s mailbox or stop to chat with neighbor whose sister just had a baby. That kind of life might be appealing to some people and annoying to others. Either way, I guess it’s good that not everyone is the same – life would certainly be boring!

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